My background:

I rescued my first cat when I was in third grade.  It was the dead of night in the middle of an Ohio winter and I heard a horrible cat crying.  I put on slippers and a robe and ventured out into the snow to scoop up this white cat.  He was beat up and we later discovered he was completely deaf.

I have since rescued well-over 100 animals and my latest rescue….  While her name is technically Scruffles Sateroffigis Sarsaparilla…. I just call her Puppy.

Puppy - photo taken by dog walker

Puppy AKA Scruffles

I also have two other rescue dogs – Schlimie – on left – shepherd sharpei and Penny formerly known as Penny the Pinned Pit Puppy.  Penny had been struck by a car on the 110 Harbor Freeway – both of her front legs were broken – clearly she has fully recovered.

Penny pit upside down and Schlimie Shep

Schlimie – Shep Sharpei – left and Penny – Pit – upside down.

My rescue work:

In the first decade of the new millennium I worked heavily in animal rescue.  Going to all the Best Friends adoption events – pulling animals from Los Angeles city and county shelters, bottle feeding, picking up strays, and making a movie about a girl who rescues animals.  It was during this time that I made a film, FREE to a Good Home (you can also read more about the film on its page) or see our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fghmovie

While I no longer go to weekend adoptions – I am trying to focus my efforts on helping the animals in other ways.  This blog is just one of those ways.

My education:

I have a Masters in Professional Writing from USC – and I teach English full-time at Compton College.

My skills in journalism:

This year I began studying journalism at UCLA Extension.  My first feature article was on animals, testing and research.  I am hoping to get that published soon.  You can read some excerpts on the Animal Testing and Research page.

My purpose for this blog:

It is with my writing and research skills and my ability to show all sides of the issue that I hope my advocacy for animals can prevail.  I will blog about the animal stories I am working on or current rescue work- the two articles I am currently working on are animals in testing: (products like cosmetics and household goods) and animals in research (more medical and scientific). The second focus is solving animal overpopulation.  We needlessly kill millions of animals each year in city and county shelters and we tend to see domestic pets as disposable.  There are solutions that could alleviate the problem within the first litter cycle but we have to be willing to put time, money, and effort into solving the problem rather than maintaining the status quo.

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