Penny’s surgery

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On April 22nd 2005, after a few referrals I found a vet Plaza Del Amo Animal Hospital in Torrance, CA. They were willing to do the surgery (could do the surgery) and willing to take payments.  They even gave me a discount – the Good Samaritan Discount – for those who pick up strays and help them.

I was living in Venice, CA in an apartment that did not allow dogs.  So I started looking, as I knew I would be “stuck” with her for a while.  I had been doing rescue for over five years and I knew that placing a older pit bull would take some time.  Plus she needed to recover.  Vet rehab and boarder care would cost about $20 a day.

Donations came pouring in at first.  I raised the first $1300 in one day.  But the surgery was expected to cost about $4,000.  So I went to visit Penny and take some new photos.  People who donate like to see what they are donating too – and for.

Penny in video at the vet after surgery.  Notice the thumping the in background.

Still eager to lick fingers – needing some lovin.

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