Penny enjoying life

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Penny recovered fully – and spent a few months living at the vets boarding facility while I moved into a dog friendly apartment.  I had three dogs and a cat by then.  I had brought Penny home on weekends to attend adoption events – but I became very particular about who could adopt this dog.  She was special…. oh and there was still a $700 bill I was slowly paying off.

Along the way I rescued Schlimie – the shepherd sharpei mix.  Then Homer – the big red mutt. The three of us lived happily until 2009 when Homer started having kidney issues – and I began making him a crockpot diet of ground turkey, sweet potato, and brown rice.  In 2010 he succumb to kidney failure.

After Homer died, I rescued Puppy.  Puppy was a bottle feeder.  She was given away at a local grocery store “FREE to a Good Home”.  Her new owner did not realize she had no teeth and could not understand why she would not eat the kibble and spent two days crying.  She looked up local rescues and found my movies website.

For the winter session (a five week session at the college), I hid her under my desk, in a PetFlys bag and bottle fed her after class.  At home Schlimie pretended to be a surrogate mother while Penny hid from those needle teeth.  Pit bulls do not have much fur to protect them from the elements … or protect them from those puppy needle teeth.

So Penny hid in Puppy’s bed.  It was not long before the sides blew out –  Penny being 60 pounds and not quite fitting into the little dog bed. (See image in gallery above).

Unfortunately for Penny – life would get difficult again.

Penny happy

Penny fully recovered.

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