Penny broken but fighting

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Penny was found dragging herself along the 110 Harbor Freeway between the 405 and San Pedro.  Animal Control was called and picked her up.  They took her to Affordable Animal Hospital in Torrance, CA and instructed them to euthanize her because she had two badly broken front legs and the Animal Control Officer felt they were not repairable – at least not for the amount the city was willing to pay, which in 2005 was about $400.  The vet thought the legs were repairable, but that they were not qualified to do the detailed work.  So the vet called in rescue to help.  The vet also noticed that while this dog was in incredible pain – she was sweet tempered. Notice how she lets the tech do whatever she wants to her, hold her up, lie her down… they were able to x-ray her without any problems.

When I first saw her – I thought – Pit – six months old – thousands of dollars – no one will want her – no one wants older Pits.  She was in pain – she should be euthanized.

I was talked into running her care -emails went out and money started being raised.  The next problem.  Find a vet who can do this specific kind of surgery that required pins.  Also -the vet had to be rescue friendly.  What does that mean?  They need to be willing to accept payments – small ones – hundreds of them – over the phone, through the mail – and cash from fundraising events.

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